What Does an Editor Do?


We check for errors in:

  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation, typographical, and usage errors
  • Cross-referenced items not matching up
  • Formatting consistency (both in text body and supplementary areas)
  • Line, page, and syllabic breaks

Language Edit (esp. for non-native English users)

If English is not your native language, your work requires a proofread plus more, including checks for:

  • Contractions, contradictions, sequencing
  • Consistency in tone, voice, and pace
  • Repetitions, redundancies, and omissions

Your writing may also need some basic rewriting of sentences, minor restructuring of paragraphs, transition phrases added, better vocabulary choices, etc.  This option will ensure your writing is delivered clearly and cleanly to your reader(s), without the misunderstandings that cross-cultural communications often entail.

Each submission undergoes two to three runs before a final draft is agreed upon. After the first run, the client may be asked to view changes for comment or clarification. The second run will address these changes and comments, while the third run, if necessary will finalize any remaining issues.

Substantive Edit

Substantive editing includes all aspects of the written work and requires varying approaches depending on the content, target audience, length of manuscript, and other factors.

We check for:

  • Clarity, cohesion, flow—to deliver easy-to-read, meaningful text
  • Style—to establish consistency and appropriateness in relation to context and target audience
  • Structural integrity—chronology, logical connections, viable conclusions
  • Consistency—ensure uniformity of information throughout text
  • Information checks—citations, web addresses, references, etc.
  • Mechanics—all elements of language use (see proofreading items)

We can work with your style sheet and/or create one for you, or use your preferred style guide (APA, MLA, CMS, other).

All correspondence is conducted via email.

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Why Hire an Editor?