We offer comprehensive editing services for all levels and stages of writing. To find out more about the differences between these services and for more details on what is included, please follow this link.
(All prices listed are in US currency.)

  • Language Edit

    This service is of greatest benefit to non-native English users, though anyone who has difficulties with the mechanics of written English can benefit from this service.
    3₵ per word (equivalent to $8.25 per page; a page is 275 words)

  • Substantive Edit

    This service includes, yet goes far beyond, grammar and spelling corrections and looks at the entire written work as a whole. Ideal for those who struggle with writing in general.
    $50 per hour (Final cost of project will be determined after an assessment of a submitted sample and your particular needs.)

  • Final Proofread*

    If you feel you have reached a final draft and simply want a fresh pair of eyes to have a last look for typos, grammar errors, and other issues, this is the service for you.
    2.6₵ per word (equivalent to $7.15 per page; a page is 275 words)

Each submission undergoes two to three runs before a final draft is agreed upon. After the first run, the client may be asked to view changes for comment or clarification. The second run will address these changes and comments, while the third run, if necessary will finalize any remaining issues.

* A final proofread generally requires one run and minimal changes. Upon receipt of your work, we may assess your writing as requiring a language edit rather than a final proofread. We will let you know before we begin to work on your sample.


To find out more about this service, please follow this link

If you need a complete rewrite of your document, or even help writing one from scratch, the following flat rates apply:

  • Application essays and statements

    $350 per project (any Statement or Application Essay set)
    $150 per subsequent project (same format as first project)
    (includes one Skype meeting to discuss your needs in person)

    Statements (Personal Statement, Statement of Purpose/Intent, Motivation Letter)
    Application Essays (part of supplementary application; one school is considered one project)

    Need both of these? $450 per package.

  • Supplementary documents

    Resume — $100
    CV — $150
    Cover Letter — $75
    Reference Letter — $75 (if your referee is not an native English user, we can write the letter for him/her to sign)

    If you require a combination of these, take 20% off the total cost.

  • We can also help you apply from first step to last.

    Full application assistance:
    $1200 per school application
    $1600 for up to three (3) applications, +$100 for each additional application

    – All necessary documents listed above
    – Filling out the application itself
    – Contacting the school administration for information (inquiries, confirmations, dates, fees, requirements, prerequisites, etc.)
    – Skype meetings (up to 2 hours total)
    – Assistance with translations of documents if necessary
    – General guidance