Yes, these are two very different statements with different approaches and requirements. To find out more click here.

Yes. We can help with all applications, both for undergrad and graduate studies, as well as for other programs that require written documents.

Yes. We can help with all programs.

It depends. If the school employs Western admissions standards, for example as might be the case at an Asian branch of a North American school, then yes. For local processes we recommend that you seek out someone who is more familiar with these systems.

No. The requirements for admission may vary, but any school that asks for a PS or SOP demands a high quality demonstration of yourself and your goals. Treat every application as though you are applying for the country’s top school.

We can help you edit an existing sample, but we cannot write an essay for you.

This is not an essay writing service. We do not prepare coursework, conduct subject research, or compile reading lists. If you need an essay or other assignment edited, we can certainly help with that.

We cannot process any application material submitted to us with a deadline of less than 72 hours. These statements and letters require careful thought, research, and some back-and-forth correspondence for us to get the best possible document for you to attach to your application. Ideally, you will approach us two or more weeks before the deadline. We can work on emergency projects (less than one week before the deadline, up to 72 hours before), but these will be charged an emergency fee. Please see our rates page for more details.

Yes, it will be 100% original. There is only one you, so there can only be one statement that best reflects who you are, your strengths, and your value.

No, we do not believe in templates. As mentioned above, you are unique and your application should reflect this.

Yes. We will not share your private details with any third party. We will not publish your written material without your direct written consent.

We cannot share samples as this would violate our terms of confidentiality, mentioned above.

Yes. This would be considered an edit. Please see the rates page for more details.

Some applicants begin as early as one year before submitting their applications. Some do so a few months to a few weeks before. We recommend giving yourself at least 2-3 months and have everything ready at least one week before the deadline at the latest. If you can have everything ready to submit as soon as schools begin accepting applications, this would be the best option. It is strongly recommended that you do not wait until the last few weeks or days to collect all the documents you need.

The application essays, statements, etc., are just one part of the application. We cannot guarantee acceptance based solely on this aspect of your application. Schools also base their admissions on grades, courses studied prior to applying, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, as well as other factors. We are confident that our letters will certainly enhance your overall application, but we cannot be responsible for the other components and therefore cannot make any promises. What we can offer is a guarantee that we will not be satisfied with your essay until you are.

We cannot offer free assessments, edits, writing, or advice to individual applicants.

We can certainly help your application look better, but if you do not meet the school’s academic requirements, it is unlikely that the essay will make the difference. If your grades are not as high as other applicants, or if you do not meet the language requirements, etc. work to improve/secure these before applying to your school of choice.