What does a professional writer do?

What is a wordsmith?

Many people are great at communicating their thoughts through speech, but get stuck when it comes to writing in a manner that accurately reflects what is on their minds. A wordsmith will take your ideas, thoughts, information, and images and use these to construct the meaningful text that you intended. In other words, a wordsmith helps you shape your ideas on paper. Unlike an editor, who enhances what you have already written, a wordsmith helps you create your text from scratch.

How does it work?

You are the source of the text; the wordsmith simply helps you reach expression. It all begins with a conversation. In order to create the final draft of your project, you will provide the wordsmith with all the details you want included. This will be done by conducting a face-to-face interview, an online video chat, email correspondences, or any available means.

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How we can help you

We help students apply to colleges, universities, or other academic institutions. Our main focus is on the following elements of the application:

  • Personal Statement, Statement of Purpose/Intent, Letter of Motivation

    A crucial part of the college/university application package for prospective students is the written Statement or essay. Many students find these documents very hard to compose, which is why they seek out professional help. At Editorproof, we have many years’ experience helping students compose these statements and essays, as well as other submissions.

    Personal Statements and Statements of Purpose/Intent, and Letters of Motivation are written to help admissions committees know who you are beyond the cold facts of transcripts and resumes. They allow you to present yourself as a person and to persuade the committee that you will benefit their program, that you will succeed, and that you are serious about your academic pursuits. A poorly written statement can be the difference between acceptance to and rejection from your chosen school or program.

  • Application Essays

    Some schools will not ask for a statement but will instead provide you with essay questions that you must answer within a specified frame, such as a word or character limit. Some schools will ask for both a statement and essays. Knowing how to say a lot with a minimal number of words is a skill that we have honed over many years of writing.

  • CV/Resume writing
    Many programs will also want you to submit a resume or CV that highlights your achievements in terms of both academic and professional contexts. Having the right format, the right words, an error-free copy, and featured skills will greatly increase your chances of being accepted to a particular program.
  • Full University/College Application
    We offer comprehensive assistance with the full application process as well. We can research the most suitable school for your goals (based on your grades, budget, aims, etc.) and suggest your best approach. We can also contact the school on your behalf to get all the details you need for a successful application; help you collect the necessary information and documents, including translated and certified documents; help you write your submission requirements; and follow up on the application once it has been submitted.

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